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Hello Sleepy Parents!

You are not alone and things can and will get better! My goal is to provide you with everything you need to solve your own baby sleep problems and get on the fast track to better sleep here on this site. But I know that sometimes life is not quite that simple. So…if you need a little personal help feel free to send me a message.

Before you write make SURE you have read everything under the age-specific sleep guides on the main menu. Please note that despite my best efforts I cannot guarantee a response. Depending on the volume of emails I may not be able to respond right away so if your question is urgent please say so in the subject. I don’t charge to help via email but please make sure you are following me on Facebook (you can use the link to the right) – this is very good juju. Links to my site (on your blog, baby forums, shared with friends) are also GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!