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The Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast combines key parenting and sleep insights with actionable advice in a pithy but conversational way. Co-hosted by a group of smart, diverse parents from around the globe our goal is present a range of perspectives while still remaining grounded in evidence-based advice.

The PLS Parenting Podcast is published twice-monthly and most episodes are approximately 30 minutes in duration. We’ll be covering a range of topics including:

We’ll also be interviewing noted parenting experts and authors, as well as answering listener questions (feel free to submit your own at

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cosleeping sleep associations and older kids

Q&A: Co-sleeping, Sleep Associations, and Older Kids – EP 20

05/11/2017  |  3 Comments

Podcasting is great because we basically get to opine on whatever topic strikes our fancy. But we've committed to periodically... more

7 Unhelpful Baby Sleep Myths - EP 19

7 Unhelpful Baby Sleep Myths – EP 19

04/20/2017  |  8 Comments

I often see smart thoughtful parents getting tripped up by the same stumbles time and again. These sleep myths or... more

Big Kid Sleep Stumbles - EP 18

Big Kid Sleep Stumbles – EP 18

03/23/2017  |  17 Comments

Babies have multiple hurdles to good sleep but by the time they reach their first birthday they'll be Level 5... more

infant wearable monitors

What is Up With Infant Wearable Monitors – EP 17

02/16/2017  |  10 Comments

Increasingly parents are using infant wearable monitors. These wearable devices are worn as a leg band, sock, or pinned onto... more

Reader Mailbag Mysterious Night Waking - EP 16

Reader Mailbag Mysterious Night Waking – EP 16

02/01/2017  |  40 Comments

What do you do when you can't find the energy to put together a fresh new podcast? ANSWER LISTENER QUESTIONS!... more

not using CIO term

Why I Won’t Be Using the Term CIO Anymore – EP 15

01/18/2017  |  12 Comments

I've been using the term CIO or Cry It Out for years. I've never liked it. It's pejorative. "'re one... more

feeding your child at daycare

Going Back to Work – Feeding Your Child at Daycare – EP 14

12/16/2016  |  2 Comments

In this week's episode, Elisabeth, Franny, and Emily talk about the logistics of feeding your child at daycare. Which seems... more

Going Back to Work - Napping at Daycare - EP 13

Going Back to Work – Napping at Daycare – EP 13

12/06/2016  |  12 Comments

For parents, going back to work presents the challenge of finding great daycare. Which seems like an enormous hurdle until... more

Going Back to Work - Finding Great Daycare - EP 12

Going Back to Work – Finding Great Daycare – EP 12

11/17/2016  |  5 Comments

Most of us are going to go back to work at some point. Some of us return to work sooner... more

daylight savings strategies podcast

Daylight Savings Survival Podcast – EP 11

11/02/2016  |  8 Comments

Will changing the clock for daylight savings time muck up your child's sleep? In a word: yes. Changing the clocks... more

Myth Busting Sleep Remedies - EP 10

Myth Busting Sleep Remedies – EP 10

10/12/2016  |  19 Comments

Looking to help your child sleep better? Well I've got the solution for your sleepless woes! Step right into my... more

reader mailbag precious little sleep podcast

Reader Mailbag – Snooze Buttons, Sleep Training, and Crib Slats – EP 9

09/20/2016  |  20 Comments

Got a question? Great - we have answers! We recently asked parents for questions and got ~70 but only had... more

swing method and pick up put down

The Swing Method and Pick Up Put Down EP 8

08/18/2016  |  31 Comments

There's been a theme running through our podcasts and no it's not my propensity to say "um" a lot. It's... more

baby early wakeup

When Baby Wakes Up Too Early EP 7

08/04/2016  |  58 Comments

Before you had a child, you were probably vaguely aware that kids woke up early. I mean, kindergarten starts early... more

understanding your child's sleep

What You Need to Know to Diagnose Your Child’s Sleep Struggles EP 6

07/05/2016  |  58 Comments

This podcast is essential listening. Full stop. If you want to figure out why your child isn't sleeping this podcast... more

Breaking Down Sleep Schedules and Wake Times EP 5

Breaking Down Sleep Schedules and Wake Times EP 5

06/10/2016  |  31 Comments

This podcast is a continuation of the Baby Sleep Power Tools Part 1, focusing specifically on sleep schedules and wake... more

baby sleep power tools part 1

Essential Baby Sleep Power Tools EP 4

06/06/2016  |  13 Comments

Raise your hand if you are or have been a new parent who is surprised at how hard it is... more

parenting change is HARD

Finding the Confidence to Make Change EP 3

06/01/2016  |  10 Comments

I often do sleep consultations with families who are literally not sleeping. Like at all. Nobody is sleeping and everybody... more

taking the mystery out of newborn sleep

The Newborn Sleep Podcast EP 2

06/01/2016  |  15 Comments

In this episode we discuss newborn sleep, although why would be because let's be honest here, newborn babies don't sleep.... more

podcast launch precious little sleep

Introducing the PLS Parenting Podcast! EP 1

06/01/2016  |  10 Comments

We're podcasting people!!! (*Drops Mic*) (*Picks mic back up because it's needed for podcasting*) Welcome to the Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast!... more