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Digesting the Dropside Crib Drama

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When Did Monitoring Crib Safety Become a Full-Time Job?

In case you’ve been too busy to check the CPSC website for their almost monthly crib recalls, Land of Nod has recently issued a drop-side crib recall. Also, if you have just about any Simplicity product (sometimes sold under various brands so it can be difficult to be certain) you’ll want to check this list “numerous product recalls“. Since Simplicity has fallen into foreclosure they are no longer answering calls or emails so if you have an item on the list you’re probably screwed unless the retailer you purchased it from is particularly generous.

However on a slightly more positive note, Toys-R-Us is holding their annual trade-in event so if you find yourself holding on to some potentially dangerous and thus worthless Simplicity item (or any recalled or unsafe product) you can bring it into the store for a 25% discount on the purchase of a new replacement item anytime between now and Feb 21. As an added bonus they’ll take the often bulky crib, bassinet, play yard, etc. off your hands saving you the trip and expense of taking it to the dump.

I don’t say this very often (read:never) but, Yay Toys-R-Us!

If you do find yourself, along with millions of American families, owning or currently using a drop-side crib that hasn’t been recalled check out my recommendations for drop-side crib safety. Although the ban on sales of drop-side cribs has not yet gone into effect most major manufacturers are currently offering NON drop-side cribs, known as stationary-side cribs. This is a rapid turnaround from even one year ago when roughly 99% of all cribs sold in the US had drop-sides on them.

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