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Where Will Your Newborn Baby Sleep?

Co-rooming with Mom and Kitty
Delightful Room for New Baby

Ready, Set, Go - New Bedroom for New Baby

There are few things more fun for a new Mom (or even experienced Moms) than decorating the new baby’s room. We coordinate colors and stack diapers while quietly fantasizing about the sweet moments when we’ll gently lay our beloved newborn into her crib and silently creep out of the room to enjoy a healthy gourmet meal with our partner while discussing world events. Ah….its a wonderful time isn’t it?

Well chances are your precious tot will spend very little time in that lovely new room for far longer than you expect.

When Will Baby Sleep in Their Bed?

The reality is that your newborn is unlikely to sleep inside the the charming crib that you spent an entire day assembling until she is 6 months or older. Further your newborn should and probably will be sleeping with you IN YOUR ROOM for about the first 6 months.

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This is called co-rooming which simply implies that the baby is somewhere within your bedroom. This is different from co-sleeping which means that the baby is actually IN your bed.

There are a number of compelling reasons for your baby to stay in your room for the first 6 months:

  • Safety. Numerous health organizations (such as the American Academy of PediatricsSIDS Alliance and NIH) suggest that the safest place for your newborn to sleep is in your room with you.
  • Convenience. Regardless of your choice to breastfeed, bottlefeed, or something in-between, your newborn is going to be eating anywhere from 2-6 times a night for months. Schlepping around the house at 3:00 AM is unappealing to even the most devoted night owls.
  • Oversight. If you are like most new parents you will need to compulsively check on your newborn baby for many months. This will include waking up every time they make a noise (note: newborns make a LOT of noise), checking their toes to make sure they aren’t cold, and of course – making sure they are still breathing. Its not just you – we all do this.
Co-rooming with Mom and Kitty

Everybody Sleeps in the Same Room

Accepting this reality far simplifies the process of sleep parenting for the first few months. It removes any pressure to try to shoehorn baby into their room for a while. And it frees you to look at your bedroom and make changes that will help both you AND baby sleep safely and comfortably for the first few months. So take a few minutes out of your room decorating fun and think about what might make you both more comfortable in YOUR room. Consider things like block-out blinds, white noise generator, and of course a safe-sleep option that fits comfortably next to your bed, that you will undoubtedly use in the coming months.