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I’ve written at length (here and here) about how essential it is to fall asleep independently. There are various approaches to achieving independent sleep (the book outlines at least 7) and it’s safe to say most parents approach this whole “independent sleep” thing with a fair amount of trepidation, so much so that rarely does […]

power down to sleep
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Before I gave birth I imagined a halcyon future where my baby would take 2-hour naps all day during which I would blissfully spend exercising, assembling a Pinterest-worthy baby book, binge-watching Outlander. You know, all the stuff you guys probably do all day. So you can imagine my surprise when my first nugget was born, […]

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I tend to emphasize night sleep because it’s easier to sort things out at night (stop laughing, I’m totally serious). When everybody is sleeping better at night, improving naps is far more likely. And your efforts to improve your child’s night sleep is entirely dependent upon one thing. Bedtime. What happens at bedtime, when bedtime […]

bedtime and baby sleep
Sleeping baby
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After you’ve read 1 or 8 books on baby sleep you may be rightfully confused about why your 8 month+ baby is not sleeping through the night. And while I’ll admit that there are a few reasons why this may be happening 99% of the time there is one single reason why older babies, toddlers, […]

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