Going Back to Work – Finding Great Daycare – EP 12

November 17, 2016 |  by  |  Podcast, working parents

Most of us are going to go back to work at some point. Some of us return to work sooner than we would like. But across the US and the globe, 60-80% of parents will head back to work eventually.

And most people who go back to work will find themselves, at some point, freaking out about:

  • Finding great daycare
  • Coordinating with daycare providers
  • Providing adequate food/milk/formula for their child at daycare
  • Getting their child to nap at daycare
  • Getting their child to not nap on the way home from daycare
  • How to drop off their child without tears (theirs or child’s)
  • Working parent guilt
  • This is the start of a 3-part series looking into and offering strategies to help working parents navigate going back to work that will address all of these issues.

    Finding Great Daycare

    This podcast is specifically about finding and working with a great daycare provider. How to find good local options? Is a large or small daycare center best for you? What are the state regulations around safety and oversight? How will naps be handled there? How should you communicate with your provider? What if your daycare isn’t the best fit for your family?

    Listening to this episode, a lot of great thoughts jumped out at me but this was my favorite:

    finding great daycare

    Check in with Elisabeth, Franny, and Katka who connect from across the globe (literally) to share their insights on navigating daycare with you. This series will continue (with other guest-hosts) with two more episodes looking at:

  • Napping at daycare and transitions (to/from/morning bustle)
  • Bottles, pumping, feeding, and other logistic issues at daycare

  • If you have any thoughts or questions on going back to work feel free to share them here or email us at


    1. Thanks so much for this podcast! I live in France (originally from California) and I’m struggling with a small municipal daycare. They are making me feel crazy about my concerns over naps (or lack thereof), communication and feeding issues (breastmilk). They are also into “it’s collective daycare – all the babies have to do the same thing”. I feel so much better after hearing other moms raise similar issues. I am definitely going to keep requesting a change to a licensed home babysitter-type situation.

      • It’s definitely not a France thing, it’s a daycare thing. I understand why it makes managing a daycare easier, but sadly no it’s not easier for babies who are shoehorned into the schedule. Good luck finding a better fit!

    2. thank you for your comment! While Katka has an international perspective that Franny and I lack, it sounds like things will vary a lot from country to country as well as from site to site within the same country. The most important thing, I think, is to find a place that will at least listen to you and try to work with you. In the US the trend is away from “all babies do the same thing,” at least from ages 0-1 year, and that comes with its own set of ups and downs.

    3. Thanks for the great tips for finding a good daycare. We need to find one for our son, since my wife needs to start going back to work. I would love to be able to drop him off without any tears!

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