There’s a reason they call this phase of parenting the longest shortest time - 2:00 am can feel really lonely when it’s just you, your baby, and a million people on the Internet saying that whatever you’re doing? It’s wrong. Parents often tell me they want to help their kids sleep better but they want to do it the right way. Or they aren’t sure where to start. Or they’ve tried and everything went sideways.

Baby Sleep is Tricky!

Sleep Club is your opportunity to get the expert, individualized support of a 1:1 sleep consultation within a small group setting & alongside parents of similarly-aged children. A community of people who are where you are. A team of experts who are there to guide you on your way. All of them, there to help you through the muck and cheer on your successes!

Imagine Getting Clear Sleep Support With A Whole Crew At Your Back

Create an enjoyable consistent bedtime routine
Enable a predictably long stretch of sleep to start the night
Establish the foundation for successful night weaning
Identify the ideal nap schedule and routine for YOUR child
Establish independent sleep with confidence and personalized support
Identify and avoid roadblocks with naps or night sleep
Navigate nap transitions
Sleep-parent your children with confidence
Avoid a whole SLEW of issues down the road by setting up good sleep hygiene now!

Sleep Club Can Help!

We recognize that sleep is highly unique and each family and child are different! Sleep Club provides the opportunity to be supported by experts and learn with others who are in it, just like you. Working closely with families over several weeks enables our team to provide tailored-to-you approaches and guidance that WORK and RESULTS that speak for themselves.

Personalized, daily, on-demand support
Customized answers for your child
Exclusive access to resources (videos, documents, etc.)
Weekly, live Q+A sessions with sleep experts
Camaraderie and community of a small intimate group of families who are in it with you
Support to develop confidence and the tools to navigate nap transitions, teething, illness, travel, and more!

Sleep Club is an innovative, multi-week week sleep intensive that takes place within a private Facebook group and includes:

Don’t Go It Alone!

- Neeth

 The small community itself was really supportive and dare I say, fun (something one does not expect from a baby sleep group). Highly, highly recommend sleep club!”

“Sleep Club was hands-down the best decision I took for my baby’s sleep.

- Catherine A.

when I say Sleep Club changed my life. By the last day of Sleep Club, I had a baby who was happily and independently falling asleep.” 

“I am not exaggerating

- jackie k

 FTM (first-time mum) no clue what I was doing and bub would not sleep longer than an hr! Sleep Club gave me support and advice and I started feeling less of a failure and more like a mum!”

“Sleep Club made me love being a mum.

- Caitlin W.

& (unintentional) problematic factors that were getting in the way of healthy sleep for our kiddo. Sleep Club built confidence in us all experimenting, changing and listening to our kiddo as we learned.”

“Sleep Club helped us wade through the uncertainty

- Julie W.

in not only my baby’s sleep but also in my anxiety. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve chilled out, I’ve definitely gained the confidence to address issues as they come up. My baby has never slept better!”

“Sleep Club has made such a huge difference

We run Sleep Clubs for various age groups 5-6 times a year. Membership is capped at 30 and they routinely sell out.  We would love to have you join us! Sign up here so we can let you know when the next opportunity is!

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