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I Know Baby Sleep

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This is me with
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the winter of
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Parenting is a great gig. If it isn’t, something needs to change.
Your children are capable of falling asleep without you. They are learning new skills all the time; they can learn this too!
Sleep is fundamental. Everything (*literally*) depends on a basic human level of sleep. You think you can power through for months or years without it, but you can’t.

And yet 16 years ago I was so tired I would have happily chewed off an arm and eaten it in exchange for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. All the while I kept thinking, millions of people are having babies, surely this shouldn’t be so hard.

Since then I have invested years digging into research, interviewing experts, and working with individual families to develop a complete understanding as to why baby and toddler sleep is so challenging and what parents can do to improve things. To cut through the clutter of out-dated advice and the culture of relentless parental suffering to focus on the basics:

I have 15 years of experience working in technology, a degree in Technical Writing from Carnegie Mellon, as well as an MBA and MS Finance from the University of Colorado.

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Precious Little Sleep is founded on the idea that helping your little one get healthy sleep shouldn’t be a full time job. That parenting isn’t an event in the Misery Olympics. That all families deserve and thrive on healthy sleep. That kids are capable of change.

Much of what I’ve learned is distilled into the Precious Little Sleep book, a comprehensive resource on kids and sleep. It is funny, accessible, evidence-based, and chock full of practical tactics for tired parents. I’m pretty sure it’s bad form to say your own book is great and every new parent should read it, but it is, and I do.

Sleep Isn’t a Dirty Word!


There’s also a lot of great tips and information to be found here:

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When I’m not working, I am a slow trail runner, a sloppy nordic skier, and a bad Crossfitter. I read a lot of romance and fantasy novels (I adore Rainbow Rowell, Maggie Stiefvater, Ilona Andrews, Rachel Smythe, etc.).

I am a political rabble rouser, a terrible housekeeper, and a good friend who has a quality bottle of wine on hand at all times, for emergencies.

I live in Vermont with my husband (who is French and adorable), our two boys, two dogs, and a cat.