What is Up With Infant Wearable Monitors – EP 17

February 16, 2017 |  by  |  guest author, Podcast, SIDS  |  No Comments
infant wearable monitors

Increasingly parents are using infant wearable monitors. These wearable devices are worn as a leg band, sock, or pinned onto the diaper, and claim to monitor your child's wellbeing by tracking their breathing, pulse rate, blood oxygen levels, etc. Although they can't outright claim to prevent SIDS, the marketing material strongly hints at, "Buy this and we'll let you know if your child stops breathing during the night." And that my friends, is marketing gold. Because there is nothing more terrifying to parents than SIDS and most people would gladly donate a kidney in exchange for a gadget claiming to protect...

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Reader Mailbag Mysterious Night Waking – EP 16

February 1, 2017 |  by  |  6-9 Months, night sleep, Podcast, Q&A  |  31 Comments
Reader Mailbag Mysterious Night Waking - EP 16

What do you do when you can't find the energy to put together a fresh new podcast? ANSWER LISTENER QUESTIONS! Thanks to everybody who sent in questions, which were all thoughtful and interesting. I only tackled 5 today but keep sending in those emails because given the way I've been feeling there will be a lot of Q&A podcasts happening in the near future. Listener Questions Joanna asks why her 7 month old still wakes up demanding to eat constantly all night even though she's done all the right things? Sheryl asks why her daughter goes to bed independently but absolutely refuses...

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Why I Won’t Be Using the Term CIO Anymore – EP 15

January 18, 2017 |  by  |  cry it out, parenting, Podcast  |  7 Comments
not using CIO term

I've been using the term CIO or Cry It Out for years. I've never liked it. It's pejorative. "'re one of those CIO parents. Whelp I'm not, because, y'know, I'm a good parent." It's largely meaningless. And in some parenting circles even the faintest mention risks getting you banned from the group. It also doesn't really mean anything. I've tried to define CIO or minimally bring some clarity to the discussion. But even with millions of readers annually, CIO remains a vague ill-understood concept to most people. And it's ugly. It's plain ugly. In case it's not clear, I'm not a...

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Lessons Learned from Running an Enormous Baby Sleep Group on Facebook

January 9, 2017 |  by  |  parenting  |  38 Comments
how to run a facebook group

Two years ago I launched the Precious Little Sleep Facebook Group on a whim. I would like to tell you I had a mindful strategy for it, but that would be a lie. As I frequently do I figured, "Sure why not!" and launched it. I expected a few hundred people to join and the group would give them a place to troubleshoot sleep issues and support each other in the struggle. Within a week there were 1,000 parents, with another 500 waiting in the approval queue and I immediately made this face: So I did what any rational being would do,...

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Going Back to Work – Feeding Your Child at Daycare – EP 14

December 16, 2016 |  by  |  Podcast, working parents  |  1 Comment
feeding your child at daycare

In this week's episode, Elisabeth, Franny, and Emily talk about the logistics of feeding your child at daycare. Which seems obvious, you just feed them right? There's pumping, and formula, and bottle feeding, and all the logistics needed to make those available in the right quantity. As your child grows you move on to solid food which means packing meal and getting them to actually eat it, etc. And there is the added complexity of the morning which involves feeding everybody, getting you and them dressed in something that is not "pajamas" or "Elsa costume", and out the door on time....

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