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What if baby sleep wasn’t such A THING?

You read all the books, poured over all the websites, but nothing speaks to your unique child or situation. Something needs to change, but you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

When you had your baby, you knew it would be hard, but not shuffling zombie, all night struggle-bus hard.

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Imagine chilling on the couch after your baby’s bedtime, confident that you can enjoy some much-deserved down time, then go to bed knowing that your baby will be happily sleeping for hours to come.

Parenting is both the hardest and greatest job you’ll ever have.
But you need rest in order to be the parent you want to be.

What If Your Baby Just…Slept?

Set your child up for sleep success with clear, effective, evidence-based approaches that meet your family where they are!

Navigate the tricky newborn phase like a pro
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Solve toddler and preschooler sleep struggles

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A healthy family starts with healthy sleep!

- Tracy Cutchlow

“Alexis Dubief’s hilarious no-nonsense approach to baby sleep pretty much saved my life.”

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When I gave birth to my first child I quickly realized that sleep (or a lack thereof) was the bane of my existence. I did “all the right things” - books, classes, etc. The advice was conflicting and confusing - I was lost.

This is where Precious Little Sleep was born - digging into the research to demystify baby sleep and provide parents with practical solutions. Since then, it has blossomed from a passion project into a resource that helps millions of parents all over the world find effective, evidence-based approaches to help their babies sleep!

I’ve spent years researching baby sleep so you don’t have to.

Hi, I’m Alexis!

I love working with smart, loving parents who are interested in strategies to help their children sleep better.Who understand that sleep is fundamental to their child’s growth and development.

And that kids don’t “grow out” of sleep struggles, they “grow into” them.

Who are looking for an action plan to make things better.

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You need an approach that is customized for your individual child. Don’t fit your baby to the plan, the plan should fit your baby.

Stop dreaming of getting the perfect night’s sleep, and start actually dreaming again.

Helping our kids sleep better is rarely simple.

Sleep Training is Not a Dirty Word

I’ve written at length (here and here) about how essential it is to fall asleep independently. There are various approaches to achieving independent sleep (the book outlines at least 7) and it’s safe to say most parents approach this whole “independent sleep” thing with a fair amount of trepidation, so much so that rarely does […]

power down to sleep

Before I gave birth I imagined a halcyon future where my baby would take 2-hour naps all day during which I would blissfully spend exercising, assembling a Pinterest-worthy baby book, binge-watching Outlander. You know, all the stuff you guys probably do all day. So you can imagine my surprise when my first nugget was born, […]

I tend to emphasize night sleep because it’s easier to sort things out at night (stop laughing, I’m totally serious). When everybody is sleeping better at night, improving naps is far more likely. And your efforts to improve your child’s night sleep is entirely dependent upon one thing. Bedtime. What happens at bedtime, when bedtime […]

bedtime and baby sleep

After you’ve read 1 or 8 books on baby sleep you may be rightfully confused about why your 8 month+ baby is not sleeping through the night. And while I’ll admit that there are a few reasons why this may be happening 99% of the time there is one single reason why older babies, toddlers, […]

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