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2 YO

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Update: It’s been ~5 years since I wrote this. It’s mostly still accurate. However during this time I’ve vastly expanded my knowledge about kids, sleep, schedules, and sleep training. The sum total of that knowledge can be found in my book, which is a comprehensive resource on sleep training. If you’re serious about successfully fostering […]

how to cry it out
when to put baby to bed?
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Before you had kids going to bed was a forgettable event. Now bedtime is a glorious nirvana that you fantasize about throughout the day. Bedtime is also really important to your baby or kid. Bedtime that is too late, unpredictable, or inconsistent can set you up for a long slog of a night. And figuring […]

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By 6-8 months your baby is fully ready and capable to be completely done with eating at night. Dr. Sears suggests that some parents really enjoy feeding their babies at night and will happily continue offering night feeding sessions until the child stops waking up on their own. If you are one of these mythical […]

White picket fence, green grass, and blue skies.
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You’re so tired you forgot to put on underwear. There seems to be dried curry on your pants but that can’t POSSIBLY be right because you haven’t had Indian food in 2 weeks. Is that curry? Your baby just fell asleep in the car and you’re so desperate for a break that you’re going to […]

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Last week my family took an impromptu vacation after the sudden realization that if I didn’t break out of my local mommy cow path (park, potty, grocery, park, potty, grocery) I was going to go all stabby. So we threw the kids in the car with enough underwear to make it through the weekend and […]

Kennedy and Jackie O on vacation with kids and puppies
Early Bird Babies
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Question: Our 2.5 year old wakes up every morning at 4:30 am. We purchased a toddler alarm clock that lights up when it’s morning. We’ve set it for 5:30 am. When she wakes up we go in and lie down with her to keep her quiet until the light turns green at 5:30, at which […]

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