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Myth Busting Sleep Remedies – EP 10

Looking to help your child sleep better? Well I’ve got the solution for your sleepless woes! Step right into my tent here and take a gander at my surefire remedy for whatever sleep problem you have. Baby can’t fall asleep? Try essential oils! Lettuce baths! Teething got you a bad case of the crabby kiddo? Give amber beads or homeopathic teething tablets a try! Is baby hungry all night? Put a little cereal in their bedtime bottle! What? You don’t believe these will work as well as I claim? Well maybe you’ll believe Ashby and Alexis who separate fact from fiction in a podcast dedicated to myth busting popular sleep remedies.

In this podcast we unpack the fact and fiction behind some of the most popular sleep remedies used by parents today. Which ones work? Which ones don’t? And which ones are potentially dangerous to your child’s health?

Sleep Remedies Covered

We dig into the evidence supporting the following popular approaches:

  • Amber teething necklaces
  • Homeopathic teething tablets
  • Essential oils for sleep
  • Lettuce baths
  • Thickened feeds or cereal in the bottle

Do some of these work? Surprisingly, yes! Give it a listen to find out which ones do. And which ones we encourage you to avoid entirely (hint: there’s more than one).

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