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Becoming a Parent: Guilt, Failure, an Unrealistic Standards: EP 21

becoming a parent

Most people use the 9 months of pregnancy as a time to learn how babies work (generally) and stock up on essential baby gear so they’ll be ready when said baby arrives. The fact that you will become a parent, and this is likely the largest, most abrupt, and often challenging transition you will ever undergo in your life is barely considered. And let’s be clear, becoming a parent is a massive, wondrous, and immensely painful transition. It is a physical, mental, and emotional transition on the highest order. Which we give nary a thought until it happens. Then BOOM. There it is.

Recently the transition to parenthood has been discussed in major news outlets (The Goddess Myth by Time and The Birth of the Mother by NYT). The titles somewhat unfairly focus on “mothers” but the reality is the issues apply to all parents (yes Dad’s struggle too!).

In this episode, Melissa and I break down some of the themes of becoming a parent including:

  • The identity transition
  • How learning from or parents about parenting helps (or hurts)
  • Cherishing every moment
  • The fantasy of parenthood
  • Parental guilt
  • What can we do to help ease our way through this transition

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