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Airplane Travel with a Baby: EP 22

If you are like me you will avoid air travel with your children until they are old enough to vote. But most of you are far more courageous than I am in which case this podcast is for you! In this episode Elisabeth and Franny share their experiences and insights on navigating the friendly skies with a baby or toddler in tow including the following:

  • How many toys do you really need to bring with you?
  • Two words: hand sanitizer.
  • Have a plan but know that things won’t go according to plan.
  • There will be at least one diaper blowout on your flight.
  • Travel is parenting in another place.
  • Handling time changes when traveling.
  • Have a plan for naps on the go.
  • How much do you need to invest in specialized travel gear?
  • Setting expectations (hint: low, keep expectations low).
  • It’ll be OK!

I giggled when Elisabeth admits, “I flew an overnight from Boston to Fairbanks with a 6 month old, optimistically thinking he’ll sleep the whole way.” I flew Boston to Paris overnight with a 2 year old similarly thinking it would be impossible for him not to sleep eventually, right? That the social pressure of a plane full of sleeping people might compel him to sleep. Apparently for both of us, our optimism was misplaced.

The PLS Facebook group is full of people looking for the secret sauce that will guarantee you an easy flight with a baby or toddler but to the points presented in this podcast, there is no guarantee. There is just your best effort, positive thoughts, and the knowledge that good, bad, or otherwise, eventually that flight will be over and that someday, many years from now, you will look back and laugh about it.

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