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A Good (and a Bad) Thing

A few years ago a book agent reached out to me and offered me the opportunity to publish a book. I made this face throughout the entire conversation.

Ultimately I passed on that opportunity but it convinced me that maybe I could actually write a book. So I read a bunch of books about writing a book and decided to self publish. Mostly because I’m fiercely independent. And (somewhat ironically in hindsight), I thought I could get the book finished more quickly without all the fuss of working with a publisher. Hardy har har.

I realized that the book I wanted to make was going to cost a buttload (interior formatting, illustrations, index, etc.) so I launched a Kickstarter campaign. That was terrifying and exhilarating. If your Kickstarter fails you get nothing. And you’ve failed publicly on a global stage. My Dad said, “Strangers aren’t going to give you their money. This is a terrible idea.” Thanks Dad!

But they did. I was and am so honored and grateful that the campaign was successful! You have no idea.

Empowered with a budget, I had to finish the book. Thus, for the past 3 years I’ve been living like Gollum in the basement: alone, dirty underpants, raw fish. Well definitely the “alone in the basement” part anyway.

I wanted to create a book that was the book I wanted when we were struggling. It would be funny yet practical, provide options based on specific scenarios, answer all the detailed questions that trip people up, and give concrete strategies beyond “put them to sleep.” I could see it in my head, what it would look like, and how it would strike a balance between evidence-based and fun.

Giving Birth to a Book

But the process of making it was a grrriiiiind. I am not a good writer. I am filled with self-doubt. I do not enjoy alone-time in the basement. Research is boring. I was constantly afraid it was sucking and that people would hate it.

I would write something. Read it. Decide it was utter garbage. Delete and start over.

My husband would ask, “How far did you get today?” I would stare and quietly back away.

So…it took a lot longer than I thought. Years longer. It was hard guys. I had to make peace with ALL. THE. FEAR.

And now, finally, it’s done. I’m so proud. Like “look at my baby” proud!

Author Holding book

The book ships in 3 days. So here we are! Finally! Time to lie around celebrating with champagne and artisanal cookies!



But my husband fractured his elbow. Our new beloved dog has diarrhea, a bag of which is currently sitting in the fridge so I can bring it to the vet. And due to a technical snafu with Amazon, all the people who preordered the ebook version are going to get…

a Word document. Not the gorgeously formatted ebook sitting here on my desktop.

A #$^% Word document.

Amazon will allow me to upload the correct version on Monday and everybody will get a copy 24-48 hours later. But in the meantime 100 people will wake up to a garbage ebook that came from me. And there is nothing I can do except wait and fix it after the fact.

It is killing me, guys, KILLING ME.

I spent the last 4 years waiting for this moment, just to have it covered in literal dog diarrhea.

Uuuugh. I am throwing up in my mouth a little.

So thank you for everybody who gave me a huge vote of confidence and preordered the book! If you are getting the garbage ebook on Monday I am so sorry and please know, the right version will come. It’ll be a day or two late.

And I hate that this has happened.

Party With Me

In lighter news, we’ll be celebrating with some fun and free Facebook events. You can chill at home but join us online for some fun games, video AMA, and the chance to win some awesome prizes like free books, baked goods from my favorite bakery, or even a free 1:1 sleep consult. This is my way of saying thank you so I really hope you can make one (there are three – direct links below).

The East Coast Launch Party

The West Coast Launch Party

The UK Launch Party

No pressure to buy. Just come and play. It’s my way of saying thank you for everything.

Cheers and thanks everybody.