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Big Kid Sleep Stumbles – EP 18

Babies have multiple hurdles to good sleep but by the time they reach their first birthday they’ll be Level 5 Sleep Wizards and y’all will be sleeping like sloths from there on.


HAHA…no. Children are growing, learning new skills, have changing sleep needs, etc. and as such what worked one day might not work the next. Parenting is aiming at a moving target. In this episode Ashby and Elisabeth break down some of the big kid sleep stumbles that can creep up on you as your baby gets older.

Topics Covered

  • Reasons why your toddler is struggling to fall asleep at bedtime
  • Strategies to deal with nightmares and fears of the dark
  • The value of rewards
  • Moving to the big kid bed
  • Making the entire bedroom into a crib
  • Why Elisabeth has a box with candy in it in her son’s bedroom (whut?!?)

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