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Most of you feel like you’re never going to get your baby to sleep in a crib. Which is probably OK as most cribs are all that aren’t safe anyway. That’s right, I said it. And while the recent kickup about how co-sleeping is a SIDS risk is putting all the emphasis on the hazards […]

CIO results on day 2
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When we last left Penelope Pittstop she was tied to the train tracks while Snidely Whiplash was…wait, wrong damsel in distress. We were talking about a smart, thoughtful, AP Mom who had reached the end of her tether and turned to sleep training to help get the whole family back on track. Only things went […]

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[box type=”blank” align=”center” class=”border-dashed2″] This could have been you. Or me. I got this email a few days ago. This isn’t a success story (yet) but it really spoke to me. It so beautifully captures the highs (I AM EARTH MOTHER, HEAR ME ROAR!) and lows (I snapped and it all went horribly wrong and […]

sleep training challenges
baby sleep through the night
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There are many big challenges with a newborn baby: figuring out the soothing thing, unbreakable swaddling, learning how to feed a baby, wrestling them to sleep, etc. Usually by the 3 month mark, those hurdles have all been conquered. You are now a confident parent rocking the baby play groups, champion of navigating the grocery […]

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Oh SNAP. This is the latest safe-sleep ad campaign from the city officials of Milwaukee. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the blogsphere is going to blow up over this one. Although I do happen to BE a rocket scientist. As a general rule I try to stay away from […]

Baby Sleeps with Knive - Milwaukee Launches Controversial Ad Campaign
Cosleeping out of desperation
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What percentage of families who co-sleep are happy about it? Put another way, how many made the conscious parenting decision to co-sleep BEFORE their baby was born? And how many weren’t able to get baby to sleep anywhere else and thus “decided” to co-sleep because they had no other option? I don’t actually have an […]

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