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A few weeks ago I decided to give away a few free personal sleep consults on Facebook. I fully expected to get a handful of comments and end up doing 1-2 free consults. I ended up with over 400 comments and 13 families to work with. Thirteen. Not one or two. THIRTEEN. So that’s what […]

what I learned from sleep consults
CIO results on day 2
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When we last left Penelope Pittstop she was tied to the train tracks while Snidely Whiplash was…wait, wrong damsel in distress. We were talking about a smart, thoughtful, AP Mom who had reached the end of her tether and turned to sleep training to help get the whole family back on track. Only things went […]

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[box type=”blank” align=”center” class=”border-dashed2″] This could have been you. Or me. I got this email a few days ago. This isn’t a success story (yet) but it really spoke to me. It so beautifully captures the highs (I AM EARTH MOTHER, HEAR ME ROAR!) and lows (I snapped and it all went horribly wrong and […]

sleep training challenges
babies and gratitude
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Your baby sleeps through the night but still only takes 20 minute naps and is an absolute misery in the evening. My husband and I are ridiculously educated and yet have no cash so most of our furniture still looks like starter furniture that you get right out of college. My kids have a playroom […]

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For most babies cry it out, if you take my sage advice, should last only a few days. After the first 2-3 days, some babies may complain 5-10 minutes at bedtime but that is not CIO. That is the baby expressing her disagreement with your decision that she needs to sleep. However other babies will […]

how to cry it out
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Update: It’s been ~5 years since I wrote this. It’s mostly still accurate. However during this time I’ve vastly expanded my knowledge about kids, sleep, schedules, and sleep training. The sum total of that knowledge can be found in my book, which is a comprehensive resource on sleep training. If you’re serious about successfully fostering […]

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You’ve gotten your head around what sleep training means and then possibly came to the conclusion that CIO is the answer to your particular sleep issues. The next big hurdle is figuring out which method of CIO is right for you? And by “right for you” I mean that it: A) Solves the problem of […]

Ferber or Weissbluth?
parenting tips nobody ever tells you
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[box type=”blank” class=”border-dashed2″]Dustin Rowles is the senior Overlord over at Pajiba, where I spend most of my time diddling on the Internet, reading up on movies I’ll never have the childcare to go see and arguing about which Masterpiece Theater leading man is the hottest (there is only one answer to this question and it […]

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