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How to Upgrade to the New Edition

After 3 years it’s time for a change and it is with great pride and excitement that I’m announcing the soon-to-be available SECOND EDITION of the best-selling Precious Little Sleep book! It includes:

  • Important safety updates and clarifies some common stumbling blocks around co-sleeping, swaddling, and other key issues.
  • Improved clarity around common areas where parents get tangled up
  • MORE HELP FOR BIG KIDS (what you thought sleep struggles ended at 1?)
  • Expanded approaches to successfully help younger babies sleep better
  • Practical guidelines for parents of newborns who are DEEP IN IT

This is an important update and I want everybody to have a copy. If you don’t already have the book, what are you waiting for? If you do have a copy, for a limited time, I am offering 100 free upgrades to the new ebook.

What? No I haven’t been drinking. How dare you.

I want parents to have the best version of the book possible and the second edition is the best version of the book available. I don’t want money to be a limiting factor for families having access and for many people, money is in short supply right now.

How Does This Work?

Easy. You fill out this form. I need your email address and some proof that you own the original version. What could proof be? Anything really – a picture of the physical book or a copy on your ebook reader. If you bought the audiobook a copy of that on your listening device or a receipt would be fine too.

This is a limited time deal ending October 1st, 2020. Once the second edition is widely available commercially I can no longer give out free copies. I’ll send out an email with details on how to retrieve your free second edition ebook by October 15th.