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Can you boil down what parenting means to you into six short words?

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I love books. I will take any opportunity to read, buy, talk about, gift, or otherwise opine on a wonderful book. So it is with great gleeful glee that I share with you what is clearly the Best Christmas Book of 2013. Santa Calls is a gem. As someone who pays attention to books I’m […]

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Do you need something to make you smile today? Of COURSE you do. Well here you go. You’re welcome. I’m working on giving my site a face-lift and I asked readers on Facebook if they might have any photos that were gorgeous and/or funny. I figured I would get 2. Maybe 3. Instead I got […]

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[box type=”blank” class=”border-dashed2″]Dustin Rowles is the senior Overlord over at Pajiba, where I spend most of my time diddling on the Internet, reading up on movies I’ll never have the childcare to go see and arguing about which Masterpiece Theater leading man is the hottest (there is only one answer to this question and it […]

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I don’t care what your nap or bedtime routine is like as long as a) it exists b) you like it and c) it involves books. Reading with your kids is a fun and wonderful way to connect with your kids. It’s the most powerful tool you have to create a strong foundation for literacy. […]

best books for boys
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A recent study has confirmed what we already knew: Watching Spongebob makes kids stupid. Immediately Nickelodeon jumped on it claiming that the study was flawed and that Sponge Bob is for 6-9 year olds not 4 year olds (which was the age of children in the study) and thus the results are invalid. The AAP […]

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I love to eat out. Eating out means relegating the procuring, cooking, and cleaning of a family meal to somebody else. Next to sleeping, eating out is probably my favorite thing to do. So pretty early on I got my kids locked in with the rules of the restaurant: [list type=”checklist”] Butt in seat. Inside […]

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