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I Dare You Not to Smile

silly baby photos

Do you need something to make you smile today? Of COURSE you do. Well here you go. You’re welcome.

I’m working on giving my site a face-lift and I asked readers on Facebook if they might have any photos that were gorgeous and/or funny. I figured I would get 2. Maybe 3. Instead I got over 60 and they are FABULOUS. They had me smiling all day long.

So I’m sharing these smiles with you too. Seriously, aren’t they the best thing ever? Bookmark this page for when you’re “in a mood.” Because it’s impossible to look at these and stay grumpy. They’re just so great.

[galleria sid=”galleria-flickr” name=”72157634858228477″ speed=”300″ type=”flickr” imagecrop=”false” width=”546″ flickr_apikey=”20387d511072f566f7564566d3175e6b” flickr_method=”set” flickr_max=”59″ autoplay=”true”]

Thank you everybody for your generosity and willingness to share. It has totally filled my bucket. And a big shoutout to all of the generous professional photographers who were kind enough to share their work with me.

Seriously guys, you’re all the best.

Austin Photo Studio
Kristy Dooley Photography
Lindsay Muciy Photography
Lala Loveyou Studio
Shelby Resler Photography
Chassing Giggles
Sarah Costa Photography
Loving Lotus Photography
Photography by SSV
Erin Tole Photography
Dave Brosha
Brian Kilgore Photography