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fussy baby

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All babies are a lot of work and even the happiest sleepiest baby can leave her parents un-showered and exhausted. However when your beloved peanut is NOT happy and NOT sleepy then caring for your baby can be a stressful unceasing grind. [dropcap]1/3[/dropcap] of all babies are “easy” (although even very easy babies are still […]

Example of a Troublesome Tot
How Not to Swaddle
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Every family I’ve ever worked with has bought a few swaddling blankets, learned about swaddling (most new baby books cover this nicely), and maybe even taken a newborn baby care class that covered baby swaddling. And this is BEFORE they actually give birth! Given that most of you have probably read one or five newborn […]

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I’ve heard a million reasons why people DON’T swaddle their newborn babies: My baby fights the swaddle. She pops out anyway so why bother. I don’t want her to get addicted to it. She cries when we try to swaddle her. I heard that it’s not good for them. I want her to get exercise […]

Sleeping with Pacifier & Swaddle
Little Troublesome Tot
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For most of us, prior to giving birth the only previous experience we’ve had with babies is when we watched the occasional diaper commercial. Sure the moms in those commercials were cutely frazzled in their spunky SAHM sportswear. But they glowed happily as they chased that rosy moppet around the brightly colored (and spotlessly clean!) carpet and I was sure this was the future waiting for me. Nothing – I mean NOTHING – had prepared me to handle this tiny wrinkled pink creature who cried. A lot.

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