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If your baby is Pulitzer prize-winning sleeper who falls asleep easily, takes 1-2 hour naps every few hours throughout the day, and has been sleeping 4-5 hours at a shot at night since he was 4 weeks old, then huzzah! You won the big prize – a baby who sleeps well. Congratulations! However I’m guessing […]

Baby and Mommy Sleep in Chair While Nursing
Cosleeping out of desperation
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What percentage of families who co-sleep are happy about it? Put another way, how many made the conscious parenting decision to co-sleep BEFORE their baby was born? And how many weren’t able to get baby to sleep anywhere else and thus “decided” to co-sleep because they had no other option? I don’t actually have an […]

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Babies love white noise. Let’s start with looking at it from baby’s perspective. They’ve just spent their entire life in the womb. And the womb is deafeningly loud. It is just slightly less loud than a lawnmower. Loud is normal to a baby. Life outside the womb is uncomfortably quiet. White noise sounds like “home” […]

Baby Sleeps Through the Night
dropside cribs not OK
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After over 9 million drop-side crib recalls and at least 30 deaths over the past decade the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has outlawed drop-side cribs. Starting in June 2011 they will no longer be sold in the US and hotels and daycare providers will no longer be able to use them. This is going […]

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There are few things more fun for a new Mom (or even experienced Moms) than decorating the new baby’s room. We coordinate colors and stack diapers while quietly fantasizing about the sweet moments when we’ll gently lay our beloved newborn into her crib and silently creep out of the room to enjoy a healthy gourmet […]

Co-rooming with Mom and Kitty
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