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Raise your hand if you are or have been a new parent who is surprised at how hard it is to get your newborn baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. I thought newborns were like a loaf of bread, you carry them around and they’re cute and squishy and they just sort of…fall asleep […]

baby sleep power tools part 1
swaddling and SIDS
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The Journal of Pediatrics published a new study investigating the possible relationship between swaddling and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The study concludes, “These analyses indicate that the current advice to avoid placing infants on their front or side to sleep may especially apply to infants who are swaddled.” Is this news? Not really. Sleeping […]

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Talking about swaddling blankets is a lot like talking about cutting toenails. Neither is very likely to get you invited to the next cocktail party. But you can’t blog about how critical swaddling is without also talking about swaddling blankets. What are other people using? Which ones work best? Or don’t work at all? So, […]

everything you want to know about swaddling blankets
swaddled newborn baby
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I have made no secret of my unassailable love of swaddling. Swaddling babies might be the only thing I love more than Game of Thrones (Winter is coming, unless you live here in VT where apparently winter is already here and apparently, never ending). Swaddling provides so many benefits (not even including how cute little […]

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Is your baby a motion junkie and you need to help them sleep better? Great! You’ve come to the right place. This post was originally written over a decade ago and we’ve learned a lot since then! The first thing is that swings are not safe for sleep and I no longer recommend them at […]

How Not to Swaddle
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Every family I’ve ever worked with has bought a few swaddling blankets, learned about swaddling (most new baby books cover this nicely), and maybe even taken a newborn baby care class that covered baby swaddling. And this is BEFORE they actually give birth! Given that most of you have probably read one or five newborn […]

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I’ve heard a million reasons why people DON’T swaddle their newborn babies: My baby fights the swaddle. She pops out anyway so why bother. I don’t want her to get addicted to it. She cries when we try to swaddle her. I heard that it’s not good for them. I want her to get exercise […]

Sleeping with Pacifier & Swaddle
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