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Dr. Karp Part 2 Answers Two Key Swaddling Questions

swaddled newborn baby

I have made no secret of my unassailable love of swaddling. Swaddling babies might be the only thing I love more than Game of Thrones (Winter is coming, unless you live here in VT where apparently winter is already here and apparently, never ending). Swaddling provides so many benefits (not even including how cute little baby burritos are) that it’s one of the few things that I recommend for ALL babies. So please stop asking me how to get your unswaddled newborn to sleep better because my answer will always be to swaddle that baby.

But of course the parents of these unswaddled newborns don’t live under a rock. It’s not that they don’t know what swaddling is or haven’t tried it. They tried it and and have come to the conclusion that, “Their baby HATES THE SWADDLE.”

So this seemed like a perfect question to ask the Grand Poobah of baby swaddling, Dr. Karp. Do some babies just hate the swaddle? Or should ALL newborns be swaddled?

The other big swaddling dilemma that comes up frequently is, what do you do when your baby absolutely LOVES the swaddle, but has figured out how to flip over in it. You can never ever let a swaddled baby sleep on their tummy (seriously NEVER) so these safety-conscious parents ditch the swaddle only to end up with an unswaddled non-sleeping baby. Does Dr. Karp have any helpful advice for the parents of flipping swaddle-loving babies?

Also what is the best way to swaddle a baby who is sleeping in a swing, rock n play, etc. that needs to be strapped in? I have long recommended to simply leave the legs OUT of the swaddle. Turns out there is a better way. Check out the short video below and find out how!

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Has Dr. Karp convinced any of you parents of swaddle-hating babies to give it another go? Is anybody anxious about getting their swaddle-loving baby OUT of the swaddle?