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Essential Baby Sleep Power Tools EP 4

baby sleep power tools part 1

Raise your hand if you are or have been a new parent who is surprised at how hard it is to get your newborn baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. I thought newborns were like a loaf of bread, you carry them around and they’re cute and squishy and they just sort of…fall asleep periodically. (I was wrong about a great many things.) The truth is that for most of us, getting a newborn to sleep is enormously difficult. However it becomes vastly less difficult, when you embrace the Baby Sleep Power Tools.

must listen podcast I realize your time is limited so I’m going to use this graphic to indicate those podcast that are essential listening. Which is not to say you shouldn’t listen to all of them, but if cuts have to be made, don’t cut this one!

This is a huuuge topic so we’ve broken it up into two parts, this one will cover:

  • What are the criteria to be a Sleep Power Tool
  • YOU are the ultimate Sleep Power Tool (which gives you a great and terrible power)
  • Three Power Tools all parents of newborns should use
  • One Power Tool that some parents of newborns should use
  • A fantastic resource on sleep Power Tools – Dr. Harvey Karp (more on that here and here)
  • Which Power Tools are for newborns and which are for babies of all ages

Baby Sleep Power Tools is a 2-part series. Most of the tools discussed in Part 1 apply to younger babies (newborns up to 6 month olds) however Part 2 applies to all kids, including toddlers and preschoolers. You won’t want to miss out on this series so make sure you subscribe on iTunes so you get notified when the next episode is available (approximately 2 weeks from now!).

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