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Breaking Down Sleep Schedules and Wake Times EP 5

This podcast is a continuation of the Baby Sleep Power Tools Part 1, focusing specifically on sleep schedules and wake times.

Many parents will bemoan the fact that in giving birth, they’ve become full-time Nap Police, a job that is unpaid, unrewarding, and unwanted. Being the Nap Police is also enormously isolating: you can never leave the house because it’s always time for the next nap. If being the Nap Police is such a terrible job, why would you agree to become one?

Because it’s essential to good sleep.

Wake Times Matter

You can use all the Power Sleep Tools but if you are trying to get them to sleep when they’ve been awake too long/short they’re going to struggle to sleep and no amount of swaddling or white noise is going to change that. Mastering the when of baby sleep is foundational to getting them to sleep.

In this podcast we break down everything related to sleep schedules including:

  • Why naps happen.
  • Why wake times matter.
  • Cat naps/car naps/boob naps, beneficial or bane of your existence?
  • When are crap naps a problem vs. just a bad day?
  • Why you want your child waking up at the same time every day.
  • Should you be using wake times or “by the clock” strategies?
  • What will happen if you blow off bedtime?
  • Links and further reading:

    We don’t specifically outline wake times by age in the podcast, but that issue is covered in great detail in these posts.

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