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Going Back to Work – Feeding Your Child at Daycare – EP 14

feeding your child at daycare

In this week’s episode, Elisabeth, Franny, and Emily talk about the logistics of feeding your child at daycare. Which seems obvious, you just feed them right?

There’s pumping, and formula, and bottle feeding, and all the logistics needed to make those available in the right quantity. As your child grows you move on to solid food which means packing meal and getting them to actually eat it, etc. And there is the added complexity of the morning which involves feeding everybody, getting you and them dressed in something that is not “pajamas” or “Elsa costume”, and out the door on time.

I listened to this podcast and what I hear is that these guys navigated various struggles (kids who wouldn’t nap at daycare, kids who wouldn’t eat at daycare, kids who won’t stop futzing around in the morning to go to daycare). That each child is an individual and each childcare facility is individual and the things that will happen there, good and bad, are different. So much of your individual experience will vary based on your child and your individual situation.

Thus you embrace the good (kids are more likely to experiment trying new foods when you aren’t around!) and the bad (pumping!), and you talk to the nice people at the child care facility because they really do want to work with you!

Favorite Quotes from the Feeding Your Child at Daycare Podcast

  • Total sleep matters more than the duration of a single nap.
  • What do we do when daycare says they need more milk?
  • I wouldn’t kill yourself trying to pump more.
  • What is reverse cycling and how do you not let it kill you?
  • Baby Led Weaning sounds like a fancy approach, but it really just means eating food like a normal person.
  • It’s amazing what your child will eat for someone who is not you.
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    Take a listen and let us know what you think!