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Going Back to Work – Napping at Daycare – EP 13

For parents, going back to work presents the challenge of finding great daycare. Which seems like an enormous hurdle until you start daycare, at which point you realize the real challenge of daycare is getting your child to actually nap there. Napping at daycare (or not napping) is the bane of almost every working parent. Because it combines the not insubstantial challenge of fostering good naps with the bonus challenge of getting them to nap in a stimulating environment on a schedule that may or may not suit.

It’s the baby nap challenge edition.

Crap Naps at Daycare

The most common issue with napping at daycare is that daycare naps are often short or nonexistent.
crap naps daycare

See this highly scientific chart I just made up? But let’s be real, most kids don’t nap well at daycare. There are a few who take huuuuge naps at daycare but refuse to nap longer than 30 minutes when they’re home with you. But that’s the minority. Far more common is a child in a brightly lit room filled with toys and playmates saying, “I’m sorry, you expect me to sleep here?!?”

Napping at Daycare

And this is the primary issue that Elisabeth and Emily delve into in this podcast, answering questions like:

  • How do seasoned pros handle daycare drop off?
  • Should you train your baby to get used to sleeping in a bright light/noise environment prior to daycare?
  • Should you push for “catchup up” naps in the late afternoon or early evening?
  • Can you push bedtime earlier on crap naps day?
  • Do you have a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Baby?
  • What you can control and what you can’t?

If you have any thoughts or questions on going back to work feel free to share them here or email us at [email protected].