There is a large, amazing Facebook group for Precious Little Sleep book/blog readers! It’s a great place to find like-minded peeps, ask questions, share success stories, etc. It is an actively moderated group with dedicated team of admins who keep things cool. This means many things including enforcing the group rules:

Join Us!

We would love to have you join us to ask questions, share your experiences, and get support. To do so you will need to accurately answer two questions. Don’t worry, they’re super easy. If you’re wondering why we require this, you can read up on some group history here.

You can find the answers to the questions right here!

Question #1

Take a quick moment and read this post. We ask all members to start with this because it details the root cause of 98% of sleep problems. You’ll need to have read this whole post to answer an easy question on Facebook.

Question #2 – The Magic Word

You’ll need the magic word to get in.

And the magic word is…



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