Join the Precious Little Sleep Facebook Group!

Precious Little Sleep FB group

There is a large, amazing Facebook group for Precious Little Sleep book/blog readers! It’s a great place to find like-minded peeps, ask questions, share success stories, etc. It is an actively moderated group with dedicated team of admins who keep things cool and providing detailed sleep suport. This means many things including enforcing the group rules:

  • Be awesome to each other
  • Be awesome to the admins
  • No selling stuff
  • No sleep training shaming. We don’t do that.

Join Us!

We would love to have you join us to ask questions, share your experiences, and get support. To do so you will need to accurately answer a few brief questions. Don’t worry, they’re super easy. They’re taken from the book but you absolutely don’t need to have read it cover to cover to enter the group.

Please answer the questions when you click the join button on Facebook, otherwise we can’t let you in. There are hundreds of parents trying to join the group each week and without answered questions the admins won’t grant entry.

Once the questions are answered you should expect to be accepted into the group within 24 hours (generally far less). See you there soon!

(If you’re wondering why we require this, you can read up on some group history here.)


You don’t HAVE to sign up for email updates, but we highly recommend it. We send out 2-3 emails a month with tips, suggestions, and updates on sleep and parenting. Welcome aboard!

If you have any major questions or problems email me at [email protected]!