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To begin what will sure to be a much reviled series on Sleep Training I feel the need to get a clear understand of what we are (or are not) talking about. About 50% of the people who will read this are not from the US, are probably reading different baby books, and using different […]

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cry it out makes me want to drink
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Almost every day I get an email just like this: [box type=”blank” class=”border-dashed2″]I have a beautiful (insert: 9, 10, 11, 12 16, 18, 24) month old baby who just won’t sleep. She wakes up every 2 hours all night long to (insert: nurse, rock, bounce, shush pat) back to sleep. She fights naps and we’re […]

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Sometime between 4 months and 2 years of age your baby will get 20 new teeth. So if the eruption of each new tooth causes you 3-5 sleepless nights, then you can expect to have about 100 bad nights due to teething. Wahoo! Actually compared to other baby sleep stumbling blocks, teething is relatively benign […]

baby naps too short?
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Update 4/14/2015: A more comprehensive and detailed post on the causes of and solutions for short naps has been published. Everything here is still true, however if you’re looking for even more details on strategies to dramatically lengthen your child’s naps, check out the new short nap post. A short nap is generally anything between […]

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By 6-8 months your baby is fully ready and capable to be completely done with eating at night. Dr. Sears suggests that some parents really enjoy feeding their babies at night and will happily continue offering night feeding sessions until the child stops waking up on their own. If you are one of these mythical […]

White picket fence, green grass, and blue skies.
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You’re so tired you forgot to put on underwear. There seems to be dried curry on your pants but that can’t POSSIBLY be right because you haven’t had Indian food in 2 weeks. Is that curry? Your baby just fell asleep in the car and you’re so desperate for a break that you’re going to […]

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Question From a Reader “We have a 16-month old who sleeps great, yet my husband and I have a long-standing disagreement about how quiet the house should be kept while she is sleeping. He insists there should be no sound of footsteps on our hardwood floors or on our stairs, no microwave or ice machine […]

Little Man Drumming
Kennedy and Jackie O on vacation with kids and puppies
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Last week my family took an impromptu vacation after the sudden realization that if I didn’t break out of my local mommy cow path (park, potty, grocery, park, potty, grocery) I was going to go all stabby. So we threw the kids in the car with enough underwear to make it through the weekend and […]

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