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One of the most commonly held baby myths is that, “babies will sleep when they are tired.”  Life would be simpler if it were true….but it’s not. Helping your baby fall asleep, figuring out when they need to sleep, and making sure they get enough sleep is pretty much the bane of every new parent. […]

best books for boys
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I don’t care what your nap or bedtime routine is like as long as a) it exists b) you like it and c) it involves books. Reading with your kids is a fun and wonderful way to connect with your kids. It’s the most powerful tool you have to create a strong foundation for literacy. […]

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By 6-8 months your baby is fully ready and capable to be completely done with eating at night. Dr. Sears suggests that some parents really enjoy feeding their babies at night and will happily continue offering night feeding sessions until the child stops waking up on their own. If you are one of these mythical […]

Does your baby have reflux?
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Sometimes a baby is generally miserable and rarely sleeps because some babies are like that. And sometimes it’s because they have reflux. If you suspect you’re dealing with reflux it’s time to talk to your pediatrician. However your pediatrician won’t be able to make a definitive diagnosis without doing something invasive (like an endoscopy which […]

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Oh SNAP. This is the latest safe-sleep ad campaign from the city officials of Milwaukee. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the blogsphere is going to blow up over this one. Although I do happen to BE a rocket scientist. As a general rule I try to stay away from […]

Baby Sleeps with Knive - Milwaukee Launches Controversial Ad Campaign
Image of newborn baby lying on hand
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Giving birth is a big deal. Even an easy birth leaves most Moms feeling like wet cat food. Your house is probably full of meddling relatives and your living room is awash in baby blankets and burp cloths. Baby care and feeding is significantly less straight-forward than it seemed in that New Baby class you […]

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You’re so tired you forgot to put on underwear. There seems to be dried curry on your pants but that can’t POSSIBLY be right because you haven’t had Indian food in 2 weeks. Is that curry? Your baby just fell asleep in the car and you’re so desperate for a break that you’re going to […]

White picket fence, green grass, and blue skies.
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While I’m all about “putting it out there”, there are some truths in life it’s best to keep to ones self. Such as… [list type=”checklist”] That reason I always wear my good bra and lipgloss to the pediatrician’s office. My shameful undergraduate GPA. Acknowledging that I may have read every Kresley Cole book in print. […]

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