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A recent study has confirmed what we already knew: Watching Spongebob makes kids stupid. Immediately Nickelodeon jumped on it claiming that the study was flawed and that Sponge Bob is for 6-9 year olds not 4 year olds (which was the age of children in the study) and thus the results are invalid. The AAP […]

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I love to eat out. Eating out means relegating the procuring, cooking, and cleaning of a family meal to somebody else. Next to sleeping, eating out is probably my favorite thing to do. So pretty early on I got my kids locked in with the rules of the restaurant: [list type=”checklist”] Butt in seat. Inside […]

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Is your baby a motion junkie and you need to help them sleep better? Great! You’ve come to the right place. This post was originally written over a decade ago and we’ve learned a lot since then! The first thing is that swings are not safe for sleep and I no longer recommend them at […]

Kennedy and Jackie O on vacation with kids and puppies
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Last week my family took an impromptu vacation after the sudden realization that if I didn’t break out of my local mommy cow path (park, potty, grocery, park, potty, grocery) I was going to go all stabby. So we threw the kids in the car with enough underwear to make it through the weekend and […]

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Parental Catharsis in Profane Children’s Book Kids and sleep is like the cat having a hairball on the carpet. It’s a problem everybody is likely to face eventually, nobody particularly likes dealing with it while it’s going on, everybody prefers to forget about it after it’s been dealt with, and it’s not particularly cool to […]

Go the F**k to Sleep
Baby and Mommy Sleep in Chair While Nursing
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If your baby is Pulitzer prize-winning sleeper who falls asleep easily, takes 1-2 hour naps every few hours throughout the day, and has been sleeping 4-5 hours at a shot at night since he was 4 weeks old, then huzzah! You won the big prize – a baby who sleeps well. Congratulations! However I’m guessing […]

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Babies love white noise. Let’s start with looking at it from baby’s perspective. They’ve just spent their entire life in the womb. And the womb is deafeningly loud. It is just slightly less loud than a lawnmower. Loud is normal to a baby. Life outside the womb is uncomfortably quiet. White noise sounds like “home” […]

Baby Sleeps Through the Night
A New Sibling
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You lived through the boot-camp rigors of your first baby and are brave enough to give it another go. Congratulations crazy people! As exciting as this is for you and your partner, your beloved baby my not be as ecstatic about becoming a sibling. There is a good chance your first child has feelings ranging […]

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