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When Baby Wakes Up Too Early EP 7

baby early wakeup

Before you had a child, you were probably vaguely aware that kids woke up early. I mean, kindergarten starts early and children must get dressed because nobody is naked on the school bus.

Then you had a baby. And you realized that early meant four in the morning. And this? This is too #$%* early. What can you do when baby wakes up too early? Why does baby wake up too early? Why does your toddler wake up too early? When does this nonsense end and what can you do about it?

In this podcast, we wanted to share the magic secret to get your kids to sleep until 9 AM, but we’re saving that for the folks who send in 12 easy payments of $19.99 (KIDDING). Instead we’ll be talking about the primary causes of early wakings and tactics to eke out a little more sleep in the morning.

Wakes Up Too Early Topics Covered

  • What are realistic expectations for morning wake time.
  • How independent sleep affects early wakings.
  • How sleep schedules and nap duration impacts early morning.
  • How and why to use snooze button feeds.
  • How and when to use toddler alarm clocks.
  • How to modify bedtimes and naptimes and light to shift the morning schedule later.

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