When Baby Wakes Up Too Early EP 7

August 4, 2016 |  by  |  night sleep, Podcast, schedules

Before you had a child, you were probably vaguely aware that kids woke up early. I mean, kindergarten starts early and children must get dressed because nobody is naked on the school bus.

Then you had a baby. And you realized that early meant four in the morning. And this? This is too #$%* early. What can you do when baby wakes up too early? Why does baby wake up too early? Why does your toddler wake up too early? When does this nonsense end and what can you do about it?

In this podcast, we wanted to share the magic secret to get your kids to sleep until 9 AM, but we’re saving that for the folks who send in 12 easy payments of $19.99 (KIDDING). Instead we’ll be talking about the primary causes of early wakings and tactics to eke out a little more sleep in the morning.

Wakes Up Too Early Topics Covered

  • What are realistic expectations for morning wake time.
  • How independent sleep affects early wakings.
  • How sleep schedules and nap duration impacts early morning.
  • How and why to use snooze button feeds.
  • How and when to use toddler alarm clocks.
  • How to modify bedtimes and naptimes and light to shift the morning schedule later.

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  1. Nothertheothergirl

    YES! The tricky part for us was when our son’s wake time crept earlier over time and all of a sudden we were doing 4-5am wake ups and he was taking a nap at home **and waking up from that nap** before we even left for work/daycare in the morning. Which was also before dawn.

    Think about that insanity for a minute.

    We finally started pushing his bedtime back little by little and that has helped. Now if only I could wave a magic wand to fix his crap naps at day care (he naps great at home, he’s just too into what everyone else is doing at day care).

    • i *suspect* that his real morning wakeup was after that first really early nap, but he had enough overnight sleep that he wasn’t compelled to readily go back to sleep. it sucks though that it happened incrementally over time! but good that you figured out you needed to push back incrementally in the evening.
      How old, btw? i think at daycare you will find that once he moves onto the single nap the situation will improve. the single nap at daycare is basically a godsend.

  2. Ermergerd!
    I can’t wait to listen! My almost 7 month old is learning to crawl and refusing to nap anywhere but at the breast and in the car, the latter being where we listen! I have always luuuurved your site and now am hooked on the podcast! Every time there’s baby chatter in the background my bean wakes up, which is tough, but adorable. It’s like a podcast for each of us!

  3. so cute!! (sorry, this podcast had no baby sounds in the background .. . but on the other hand maybe it will ensure your baby stays asleep!

  4. Loved it! What do you do when the early wake time starts to get even earlier though? My 7 mo old has been waking early for a while now. About a month ago I started getting her up when she would wake between 5-5:30 and nursing her to sleep in bed with me. She would then sleep until 6:30 or so. Bedtime is 7:30 so it worked pretty well. UNTIL now. She’s been waking earlier and earlier in the 4-5am range and last night it was 3:55!!!! That’s too f#*&ing early and neither my husband or I sleep well once she’s in bed with us.

    This has to stop!
    Last night I fed her and put her back in her crib. She seemed confused and fussed off and on for an hour or so then went back to sleep until 7. I know Alexis says CIO is no good for the early morning wake ups but what else can I do? I’d happily bring her into bed with me if it wasn’t creeping earlier but I can’t have 1/4 of my and my husband’s sleep disrupted every night.

    Another relevant detail – she dropped all night feeds on her own when we ST two months ago so I know she is capable of STTN which is why I think she’s waking because she knows I’ll bring her into bed with me. Other theories of why this might be happening are welcome though!

    • At 4/5am she’s had almost 10 hours of sleep so she may just need that extra snooze button feed to tide her through until morning. If she’ll fuss off an on for an hour until 7am after a feed, I’d keep experimenting with that.

  5. Kristin- we have experienced this with each of our kids (now age 9, 5, 2 and 2 weeks (not applicable to him!). Honestly, the only thing we could do that would work with the earlier and earlier and earlier wake times (with older babies that is – certainly your baby’s age) – was to “reset” their system which inevitably always involved a version of the Ferber Method. It clicked a reset button essentially and worked within a couple days. Not fun- but getting up too early is miserable too and we used to resort to “oh let’s just let him-her sleep with us” which created a horrible habit and poor sleep for everyone. Always we ended up going back to Ferber – after a week of them having a cold (once better), jet lag, etcetcetc. Good luck, sleep is VITAL!!!

  6. THANK YOU for this podcast! It is very timely for me because I have been dealing with early wake ups ever since my son transitioned to one nap around 13mo. I know that’s a little on the early side, but I felt I had no choice because he was fighting his second nap so much that I was wasting an hour each day getting him to go to sleep, and then bedtime was getting late. My question that remains after listening to this, is what do you do when bedtime is already fairly late (put down at 8, asleep by 8:30), and they still get up in this 5-6am range? Right now the way I’m dealing is a snooze feed but it takes a good hour or more of restlessness for him to finally go back to sleep, at which point I’m lucky to fall back asleep and if I do, I just end up having a bizarre dream that leaves me confused all day! After he does finally go back to sleep, he usually is up anywhere from 7-8. Naps have gotten shorter lately too (1.5hr), but I’m pretty sure I just need to nap train him. Up until now, nursing to sleep was working, but if he’s only getting 10 hrs at night he really needs a 3 hr nap. Anyways, thanks again! I really enjoyed the podcast and if anything else, it reminded me these early wakings are temporary and especially common in this age range, so if I don’t find a solution,
    I’m just gonna start looking forward to 18mo!!

    • P.S. He’s 15 months now.

    • Oh my goodness I could have written this comment myself! My 13.5 month old is in the midst of transitioning to one nap (she is also young, but it was getting to the point where I had to wake her up from both naps to allow for enough wake time so that she could sleep at night). Now she naps around 12 and sleeps for 2-2.5 hours. I will say I tried moving her bedtime earlier too to compensate for the earlier nap (bedtime was 8:30, now it’s 7:30). The past two nights in a row however, she fights bedtime (NEVER used to do this) and will cry off and on for 30 mins or so until she finally falls asleep, and then she will wake up at 4:00 until 6ish. Then we get her up for the day around 7:30. Does this fall into the realm of her not being able to sleep 12 hours at night? Should I have just kept her later 8:30 bedtime since she was probably used to it? Also, what about days she has crap naps at daycare? She has been on one nap there for a few months but usually only naps for 1 hour or so, so she’s up at 1…being awake from 1-8:30 seems waaaaay too long!

  7. Hi! Great podcast! My question is, if you leave baby or toddler in bed until the ‘desired’ wake time, when do you start timing their wake time to next nap from? From the time they actually woke up even if they still stayed in crib another 20 min? Or from the time you actually pulled them out of the crib, the desired wake time? Thanks!

  8. Loved this podcast, and very timely for me: my ten month old just dropped his last night feeding (YAS) but now is getting up way earlier. It had just been 6-6:30 which I can live with but yesterday it was 5:30. One question: if baby is taking a particularly long nap in the afternoon one day, do you wake him up to preserve bedtime? It feels crazy to interfere with a great nap, but I feel like that’s what happened with my little guy yesterday.

    • Truthfully I wouldn’t make any schedule tweaks after a single night. If it continues ~5 mornings then maybe, as an experiment, but don’t jump to muck up naps, because NAPS 🙂

  9. Thank you for this episode (and the podcast in general)! I have an almost 1 year old and a 3 year old. The 3 year old is daytime potty trained but not nighttime potty trained, so she is still in a diaper at night. She goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 has always been an early riser (usually 6 or 6:15, sometimes earlier). But lately she has been waking up super early, like between 4:30 and 5:30, and we’ll take her to the potty and try to get her to go back to sleep. She is so good about not getting out of bed until we come get her that I am really hesitant to tell her she can get out of bed and go potty and then get back in bed. Anyway if it’s after 5 when she gets up she just doesn’t go back to sleep. And she’s telling me she’s tired before we even go to daycare at 7:30. How do I work through this? I would love to just leave her and say Mommy and Daddy aren’t getting her until after 6, if she needs to go potty she can get out of bed and go but she has to go back to bed until it’s ok to get up (toddler alarm clock or we come get her). The other fun part is the baby’s room is between hers and the bathroom, and if she is loud in the bathroom or singing in her room as she tends to do when she wakes up, then the baby gets woken up sometimes too even though I have white noise.

    • Potty training makes things HARD!

      If your house rule is she can’t get out of bed, I would stick with that and help her with the potty. If she’s LEGIT going potty you may want to reduce evening fluids to help her make it longer without going. Some people have had luck putting a small plastic potty IN the bedroom (I know, not a great long term solution but maybe a short-term patch). Thus she can go if she needs to and not wake the baby. But if she won’t use the diaper and is waking to go the only real answer is to shuffle drinking so that there’s less at night and more during the day. Good luck!

  10. My daughter turning 3 soon, went from perfect 12 hours sleeping on her own 7-7 and solid napping to: panicking at bedtime, becoming very demanding regarding the routine….which has stretched from 20 minutes to like an hour + crying or complaning and calling for me when i leave ( daddy is not good enough, she gets angry if he comes in instead.) now since early december, after i spent one night away, before then daddy could tuck her in and i could go to gym or whatever. with all this drama, she is not sleeping till between 8 and 9 pm and always waking up by 6 am!!! We went through several time zones this summer and she woke up at 5 am no matter what time zone we were in. It was hell for me ( now pregnant.) and it ruined the trip because she needed a nap by 9 am and her behavior was horrible. I kept hoping when we got home she’ll settle but now its 6 weeks we are back and she still waking up early. We have black out curtains, sound machine tuned to heartbeat because she wont let us go back to white noise, the fan running and we sit real quiet an darken the apartment while she is falling asleep. When she wakes up we tried to get her back to sleep, or sit quiet next to us but its not working. I would even go to sleep on the couch outside her room but she would ask to play.
    I am frustrated and concerned about her health. I got the toddler clock but it hasnt worked yet.please HELP.

    • We also got the same results even on days when she didnt nap or had a catnap in the carseat.

      • The first step will be making sure she falls asleep independently at bedtime without a parent in the room. This looks like talking positively about it during the day and setting firm and consistent boundaries. And about the toddler alarm not working–care to flesh out what you mean by that?

        • She does fall asleep without anyone in the room, that’s always been the case…but she seems to have a bit more anxiety regarding bedtime. She wants a lot of one on one time and always wants me to stay a bit longer (which I always restrict to like 30 seconds more then I leave.)
          She used to talk to herself till she fell asleep and talk to herself when she’d wake up…Then just like that she started waking up startled and crying…whether after nap or after night sleep…The last two weeks she doesn’t scream anymore but still seems anxious if she doesn’t find me right away (like if she comes to our room and doesn’t find me coz I am in the bathroom or something.)

          The toddler alarm hasn’t been working in the sense that she will not attempt to go back to sleep… We’ve made a big deal about this alarm and she was very excited to get her “pink cow” night light…I told her you need to lay in bed, when the cow wakes up you can come wake mummy…I had it set for 10 minutes after her normal wake up time. That didn’t seem to work, she either sits up in bed staring at the alarm, or she keeps running back to her room to see if the cow woke up…She’ll also respect my need to sleep most of the time and just reads next to me for like 15 minutes or so…(which I find so sweet.)
          So now I’ve set it to the same time she wakes up, hoping to condition her that cow is always awake when she wakes up, at which point I have pushed it back 15 minutes (today) and hoping when she wakes up and sees cow is not awake she’ll attempt to go back to sleep.

          • If the boundary is “you need to lay in bed until the pink cow light comes on” then that has to be firm and consistent, meaning she is not allowed in your bed at that time. She must remain in her bed. Otherwise, you can’t really force her to sleep in the early morning, but you can require that she stay in the dark, boring room.

  11. Amazing podcast! Thank you so much. Recently we’ve had to deal with a time change – only an hour but still causing problems. So where our bedtime was 7pm before, it’s now 6pm (which in turn means a 6am wake up rather than 7am). These 6am waking shave started creeping earlier and earlier as her daytime naps have become longer, assuming she doesn’t need full 12 hours at night now. Should we – as you said – just shift bedtime routine, naps, and feeds 15 minutes later each day?

    Side note – your website has provided me with sanity as a FTM – thank you!

    • Eh well…there are a lot of details that could be in the mix but based on what you shared I would:
      – Make sure naps aren’t getting TOO long (you mention they’re getting longer – you don’t want her catching up on lost night sleep by taking huge naps)
      – Shifting 15 minutes a day is solid
      – If you’re trying to push bedtime BACK, bright light exposure in the late afternoon/evening will help
      – Keep things dark and dull in the AM until your target wake time

      And thanks for your kind words!

  12. Just listened to this – love it! It’s nice hearing actual voices talking about what you’ve been reading – doesn’t come off sounding so “robotic” 😉 Although I enjoy reading comments from Alexis – so funny.

    Question though – we have a 5-month old, who puts himself to sleep at night (crib), no night-feedings – bed time is between 7:30-8:00. Has white noise and dark room at night, so we feel like all the right “cues” are going on – he knows when it is bedtime after his routine (bottle, jammies, blanket, bed) and will *sometimes* take a pacifier at night, but not always. Once he’s asleep, he usually spits it out and doesn’t need it the rest of the night.

    Lately he has been waking EARLY – started out at 5:30, when my alarm goes off (ick, I know) and *sometimes* he falls back asleep, so I’m thinking he was still tired? Lately he has woken up at 5:00 am – too early! I still don’t go in there before 6:00 am, so he doesn’t think it’s okay to be up that early…usually he lays and fusses/rolls around but hasn’t been falling back asleep 🙁

    Do we move bedtime up? Feed him? Let him lay there until 6:00 am? My husband gave him his pacifier one morning, and he instantly fell back asleep for at least another 30 minutes or so.

    Before his 4-month sleep regression, he was sleeping until 7:00-7:30 am…so I don’t know if we have that expectation still, or if he was just teasing us. Because we aren’t laughing…yet 🙂

    • by now you likely have your question answered ….. i would try to keep the 7ish am wake time if you can. if wake time became 5 am after an 8 pm bedtime, i would leave him till 6 and hope he goes back to sleep.

  13. Great podcast– but still have some questions. I have a 14 MO who has been waking up at 5:00am. He goes to bed at 7:00pm. We go to daycare at 7:30am and his nap isn’t until noon. Unfortunately, some days at daycare he doesn’t get longer than about an 1.5-2 hour nap so it’s a long time to go later on bedtime. On the weekends we can still manage two naps if needed. We’re stuck. We know he’s still tired at 5:00am because if we give him some milk, he’ll fall asleep again (as long as we are in the room with him). My husband has been sleeping on his floor for the past week from 5:00-6:15am or so. We know this is a crutch though. We’ve tried to let him cry but he won’t go back to sleep. He falls asleep independently now. What do we do?

    • both of mine did this until 18 mos, when they naturally started to sleep later. it sucked, but we were in the same boat as you and it all turned out fine. (my husband was the one who got up at 5 am …. after all, i’d been do the night care for >12 mos.)

  14. Hi! How long do you suggest doing the snooze feed until?

    • sorry, I meant till what age can you do a snooze feed? what happens when baby has transitioned off bottles? Do you just keep a bottle for that snooze feed? FTM, so I have no idea!

    • Till 6:30 AM


      It really depends. You can try to get out of it whenever you’re feeling sassy. Gradually reduce the volume of your snooze button bottle – see what develops. If baby stops waking – BOOM! You’re golden! If baby wakes and – with no bottle – refuses to go back to sleep you have a decision to make.

      a) Go back to bottle
      b) Don’t go get kiddo out of bed and see if – if given enough time (we’re likely talking weeks) they can figure out how to stop waking up at that time.

      For toddlers and preschoolers you can use visual alarm clocks but that’s unlikely to help when they’re younger.

  15. Good morning! I had a question- my 11 month old used to fall asleep at 730pm, wake around 5/6am have a snooze feed bottle and back to sleep till 730am or later. the past couple of mornings, he’s been waking at 6ish, has his snooze bottle, but doesn’t go back to sleep! he just hangs out (happily for the most part) in his crib until I get him out at 7am. Does this mean the snooze feed is over for us? Keep offering the snooze bottle in the hopes he may fall back asleep? Is there any cons to still offering the snooze bottle if he is not going back to sleep? If it keeps him in the crib happily till 7, I don’t mind still offering it. Also, his naps at the same time got longer- he used to nap 2x/day for about an hour or so each; along with this earlier morning wakeup he’s napping 2 hours in the am, and about an hourish in the afternoon. Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated!

    • He’s napping more during the day and thus needs less sleep at night. I think his slightly early waking sounds pretty typical in that light.

      If he is happy chilling in his crib for 1 hour that’s cool but I wouldn’t force the issue if he decides he’s not so keen. An hour is a long time to chill solo, 20-30 minutes is usually about the best you can hope for. So if he, in the future, starts grumping about it you might want to consider picking him up closer to 6:30.

  16. Hi Alex,

    I’ve been through a lot with my almost 4 year old in terms of sleep. He used to give us such problems about not wanting to go sleep. He is now finally going to sleep around 8/8:30 without a fuss. However, he’s getting up at 6 and I’m desperate to have him sleep a little later than that. He doesn’t nap anymore. When he wakes, he screams for me and almost always wakes his 9 month old brother who’s in the next room (they both have a noise machine but it doesn’t help). He also has an ok to wake clock. If I try and have him stay in bed till the light turns green, he cries and screams. This certainly wakes up the baby if his original cries didn’t. I’m exhausted because without fail, one of the kids will get up at some point in the night even if it’s just for a few minutes. Also, both kids wake times are really irregular. While the older one has been recently getting up at 6, he has been known to sleep later…..sometimes till 7:30. Why are their wake times so inconsistent when their bedtimes and routine is so consistent. Any advice? I’m desperate for a little more sleep.

    • Jessica,

      My kids (7&9) are up at 6 too. MOST kids are early risers and you can’t fix that for love nor money. Your best bet to extend his sleep duration is to move bedtime up (our bedtime is 7:30 or even 7:00 on occasion).

      He’s 4 however and you can definitely talk to him about his BEHAVIOR in the morning. Is screaming OK? Nope. What CAN he do when he wakes up? Can he look at board books? Can he sing songs? What CAN’T he do? When can he come out (hint: when the clock SAYS he can).

      The key with any toddler alarm clock is that you need to enforce that the clock is in charge. If he screams and you come running then the clock is not in charge, he is. It also teaches that screaming is a really great strategy. Short-run I would 100% ignore him if he screams (yes this will wake everybody and SUCK BALLS – I get that). And I would reward him when he doesn’t. But you are deaf and blind to him until the clock says it’s time to get up (or you need to be if you want the clock to be the boss again).

      Good luck!

  17. Really enjoyed the podcast! Thank you for all your great work to help us Moms stay sane. I swear I never knew I would spend half my day troubleshooting my baby’s sleep.

    With that I have a slightly different problem at the moment. My 5mo who goes to bed around 7-730PM would happily sleep past 8AM most days (she wakes 1-2 x a night for a feed). If I let her sleep later then she does short naps (3 x <50 mins), whereas if I wake her at say 715 she will do one chunky nap (1-2 hrs) and two short ones (2x <50 mins).

    What is better? Should I be letting her wake naturally or is it more important to get her on a consistent wake time?


    • honestly i think if this is the case then you should choose what works better for YOU. total sleep is more important than how you parse it through the day, unless of course you’re having meltdowns through the day that suggest more day sleep would help balance things out.

  18. At the time this podcast came out, I didn’t listen to it because my sleep trained baby was sleeping like a champ, with the odd regression here and there. How smug was I! But the past few days have been hellish early morning wakings! So, my little girl was sleep trained at 5 months. She dropped her night feeds at 6 and is now 9 months old. Past few days she has been waking up between 5:30/6 rather than her usual 7/7:30. Normally when she would wake up at 7, I could get a bit more sleep out of her by nursing but I’m all dried up now so a bottle is made and we can still manage an additional 45 minutes. After that the schedule is 3-3-4 ish, with bedtime normally between 7/7:30; so prior to the past week she was sleeping about 12 hours at night with about 2.5 hours worth of naps. I always cap the second nap to preserve bedtime. Past few days though, she is waking up at 5:30 and crying for ages so I’ve had to go get her before she wakes my toddler up! When I give her the bottle at that time she gulps down 6/7 ounces and goes back to sleep till 8. So I guess my question is, is this baby genuinely hungry even though she has been night weaned!? Also, would capping naps at the hour mark help with the early wake up? I know I have to suck it up in a lot of instances but she was doing so well! I sleep trained my older one at 9 months so she caught on to the programme fairly quickly. Just worried that this one despite sleeping well is getting into bad habits again. Thanks ladies!

    • Could be two things at play.

      Sleep needs naturally decrease as babies get older. She WAS at 14.5 hours of sleep per day, which is above average. Now, with the 5:30 wake up, she’s getting ~13 hours of sleep, which is smack dab in the middle of average.

      So what do you do?

      I would probably toy around with moving bedtime later – stretch that last waketime out to 4.5 hours and shoot for 8pm. So even if she DOES sleep 10-10.5 hours, you’re at least getting to 6am, which is a far more reasonable hour of the day.

      Your other option is to concede to the snooze feed for now, and accept that it’s buying you another hour or so. If you *do* choose this method, I would feed her right away, and wake her by 7 so as to not perpetuate a shifted schedule. You can, in a month or so, wean this feed back.

      I would personally choose the former, as she’d previously shown the ability to sleep longer without a feed, and reintroducing a feed that late in the game is maybe not the best idea. But it’s your call. Good luck!

      • Okay. I had been giving her a bottle so I reckon I need to rein that in. Problem is she struggles to go beyond 3.5 hours but I will keep persisting and push that bedtime later. Because of this her whole schedule is all over the place. Thanks for the response!

  19. Hi There –

    Thank you so much for this podcast and the resources on Precious Little Sleep. My friend just introduced me to this sleep resource gem and I am grateful!

    I have a question on how to best tackle early wake time with my 7 month old who consistently won’t take a 3rd nap. Most often, she is waking between 5-6 a.m. but recently it has tipped to between 4:30-5 (yikes!) We have been going to bed early, 6 or 6:30 most nights due to not taking a 3rd nap or having crappy naps during the day and 6 has been the “golden” time I’ve seen where she can almost sleep 10-12 hours.

    So I get the early wake time on her behalf for the most part is likely because she is getting between 10-11 hours of sleep. She isn’t sleeping through the night yet so we have been doing a “dream feed/snooze button” feed at 1:30 most nights waking her to feed because otherwise we have found that letting her sleep through, she wakes between 4-5 a.m. and won’t go back down to sleep even after eating. Many nights with the dream feed she is awake for up to an hour, just hanging out before going to back to sleep. She is social so whenever we have tried rocking her in the past, etc. she won’t go to sleep as it is too engaging so even trying to do whatever we can, we can’t get that 3rd nap or her to go back to sleep in the morning.

    Most days her first nap is at 8 a.m. or 8:30 (due to early wake time) and then her second nap starts between 11-12. Most days she wakes from her second nap between 1-2pm so we have been stretching 4 sometimes 4.5 hours to go to sleep at 6 or 6:30. I’m feeling stuck though how to get out of this cycle with timing (early bed time) when she won’t take a 3rd nap and then still gets up early.

    Would you suggest pushing the bedtime, meal time, and extra lights as a start? We have been doing 2.15 hours of wake time for the first two naps and then 2.5 wake time to try for the 3rd and sometimes are successful but more often than not, we don’t get a 3rd nap. I’m looking to stretch normal wake time for her and have thought about doing 2-3-4 but I still land at a 6 pm bed time with that schedule due to her naps and early wake time.

    Should we reside to 5:30-6 wake ups (I’m okay with that as long as she gets her sleep) or think it is doable to try to push her back?


    • If she’s routinely chilling awake for 1 hour in the MOTN then I think something is off. My best guess would be to force a mini 3rd nap so that bedtime CAN be pushed back. Run an errand, try babywearing, stroller, etc. Anything to put a ~15 minute nap in there to push bedtime back slightly. Maybe 7:00 PM? See if just slightly shortening her night duration (which isn’t absurdly large but still we have this gap thing happening) fixes it. Good luck!

  20. Good morning! My 14 month old (still takes 2 naps) goes to bed at 730pm, and has been waking up early, around 5/530am. I know he is still tired and needs more sleep. So I’ve been giving him some milk, putting him back into the crib, and leaving him, at which point he will get up and scream/cry. I leave him to it, and he will be hysterical for 5-10 minutes and then falls back to sleep. I know CIO isn’t ideal for early morning wakeups, so I just wanted to make sure I was handling this the right way. What do you think?

    • if he goes back to sleep after 5-10 minutes then i think you are fine! we wouldn’t really call that CIO. that’s just him using his right to protest.

  21. Just listened to the podcast – thanks for so much info – but have a question regarding snooze button feeding. Before sleep training this was when I would bring my baby in bed with me, but after sleep training I thought that would be confusing and so I put him back in his crib at this point (he is 7.5 months and this feed is usually around 3:30-5:30am). I find that sometimes he falls back asleep no problem, but some days he just stays awake for an hour plus. So I’d love to try bringing him in bed with me at this point but I’m nervous it will mess with all the sleep training I did and he will start waking earlier because he will want to be with me. Is this not the case?

    • this was not my experience for either of my babies. they seem to understand that bedtime sleep is different from morning. it does make the early morning weaning a bit more challenging, though. once you wean it, you can expect that to become their wakeup because they don’t have a natural push to go back to sleep. but that’s a problem for a few months from now ….

  22. Hi! This podcast is no longer available on iTunes. How can I download it? thank you!

    • Duh, sorry, just saw that I can listen to it directly on this webpage! Thank you!

    • Actually your question prompted me to research it!

      So yes you can download it from here or just listen to it with the embedded player.

      Turns out that the default setting is for aggregators (like iTunes) to download the most recent 10 episodes and thus all OLDER episodes are unavailable. I just changed that setting to be 100 (maybe this is a bad thing, not sure, and of course there are not 100 episodes AVAILABLE). I’m not sure how long this change takes to propagate but hopefully all older episodes will show up at iTunes in a few days 🙂

  23. Thanks for this awesome website, Facebook group, and podcast! All of the information helped me ST and he has been falling asleep independently since around 7 months and STTN since about 10 months, which is awesome. So what’s my dilemma? My son has FOMO and doesn’t love to sleep during the day. He naps about 1.5 hours at daycare and takes 20 minute snoozes in the car ride to and from home. His bedtime is 7:45/8 but he is basically up at 5:15 every morning, which is only about 9 hours! I am currently weaning him and the only feed I am doing is the early morning snooze feed, but more often than not he doesn’t go back to sleep even though he is EXHAUSTED and can barely keep his eyes open. I have tried feeding him and having him sleep with me, feeding him and putting him back in the crib, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that will consistently get him back to sleep. He doesn’t cry, but just stands and talks to himself.

    Am I silly to expect he needs to sleep until 6/6:30, even though he clearly needs the sleep? Especially since I want to get rid of the morning feeding ASAP. Should I just leave him in his crib until 6 and hope he figures it out? I feel bad because I think he must be hungry, but I don’t think that is helping the matter. I am so torn about this and the weaning isn’t helping.

    Thanks for all you do!

  24. Hi Alexis and team,
    Thank you for your wonderful site and this podcast. Looking for some advice please about our 1yo girl and her early morning waking.
    She falls asleep independently for all naps and at the start of the night.
    She wakes at 6am, naps at 9.30am and 2.30pm. Nap duration is either 2 hours / 1 hour OR 1.5 hours/1.5 hours OR 1 hour / 2 hours, to always total day sleep as 3 hours. Dinner is 5.30pm, breastfeed at 7pm and in bed at 7.30pm.
    She continually wakes at 4am (8.5 hours later) and resettles with a snooze button feed until 6am.
    About 2 months ago we pushed bedtime back from 7pm to 7.30pm to increase the awake time from her second nap and ‘make her more tired’. This shifted the snooze button feed from 3.30am to 4am only and she always wakes up at 6am.

    We were travelling overseas a few weeks back and on one day she had one big nap but the other days where we tried doing one nap only she coped with it in the morning, only had a short nap (<1.5 hours) and was miserable and tired all afternoon, leading me to realise she is not yet ready to transition to one nap during the day. I have not been playing with her day naps now that we are home, because, NAPS!

    Any ideas on how to please help with this early morning waking before she transitions to one daytime nap?

    I would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks 🙂

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