I’m not saying you should or need to use cry it out as a sleep training technique. But if you’re leaning that way, you might find the articles BELOW helpful in understanding how, when, and why.
The ultimate guide to sleep training

not using CIO term

Why I Won’t Be Using the Term CIO Anymore – EP 15

01/18/2017  |  12 Comments

I've been using the term CIO or Cry It Out for years. I've never liked it. It's pejorative. "'re one... more

What Other Parents Say About Sleep Training

What Other Parents Say About Sleep Training

02/12/2016  |  70 Comments

Sleep training is often spoken of in hushed tones, as though it's a conversation that should only take place in... more

is sleep training child abuse

Is Sleep Training Child Abuse?

02/12/2015  |  99 Comments

I try not to court controversy because I don't actually see parenting as all that controversial. A wide range of... more

Why Consistency in Cry it Out is Critical: A Case Study

Why Consistency in Cry it Out is Critical: A Case Study

07/16/2014  |  205 Comments

If you read many of the posts here you'll find that the term "consistency" comes up approximately 1,203,468 times. Consistency... more

reader mailbag sleep training

7 Days to Chunky Naps and 11 Hour Nights – Reader Q&A

05/06/2014  |  120 Comments

Alexis, I'm really glad I found your blog. Sheesh, the internet is a SCARY place, and I'm so relieved to find... more

night waking and put baby down awake

Why Sleep Training Didn’t Work

09/10/2013  |  459 Comments

After weeks, nay MONTHS of struggle, you have finally mastered the challenge of putting baby down awake. Victory is yours!... more

Who Else Wants to Know the Best Time for CIO?

Who Else Wants to Know the Best Time for CIO?

07/11/2013  |  196 Comments

Nobody is driving down the baby sleep road, looking at their finely detailed baby sleep map, saying, "Well, it looks... more

CIO results on day 2

A Study in Sleep Training Part 2

01/28/2013  |  186 Comments

When we last left Penelope Pittstop she was tied to the train tracks while Snidely Whiplash was...wait, wrong damsel in... more

sleep training challenges

Her Story, Your Story, A Study in Sleep Training Part I

01/17/2013  |  115 Comments

I am so so sleep deprived and at the end of my tether, I feel like crying. It's 4pm... more

Pediatrics long-term effect of CIO study

The Pediatrics Cry it Out Study

09/10/2012  |  106 Comments

In an ideal world babies would never cry. We would all have tons of pre- and post-natal support and education.... more

Why CIO isn't Working

Why CIO isn’t Working

07/24/2012  |  504 Comments

For most babies cry it out, if you take my sage advice, should last only a few days. After the... more

How to Cry it Out: The Bedtime Edition

How to Cry it Out: The Bedtime Edition

07/05/2012  |  1,219 Comments

Well little baby, here we are. Mommy and Daddy have read every book, tried every technique, bought every sleep aid... more

nobody wants baby to cry

Cry it Out When and Why?

06/01/2012  |  135 Comments

Cry it out is a touchy subject and it seems I'm the only person on the Internet willing to openly... more

Ferber or Weissbluth?

The Ferber vs. Weissbluth CIO Smackdown

04/19/2012  |  270 Comments

You've gotten your head around what sleep training means and then possibly came to the conclusion that CIO is the... more

Is Sleep training right for you?

Are You Ready for Cry It Out?

04/03/2012  |  91 Comments

So you're thinking about cry it out? Maybe you've spent the past 2 weeks furiously Googling sleep training (which is... more

sleep training definitions

What We Mean When We Talk About Sleep Training

03/16/2012  |  20 Comments

To begin what will sure to be a much reviled series on Cry it Out I feel the need to... more

cry it out makes me want to drink

I am the Official CIO Spokesperson. Apparently.

03/08/2012  |  89 Comments

Almost every day I get an email just like this: These make me want to cry too. Or have a drink.... more

Don't Panic about CIO!

Don’t Have a CIO Panic Attack

12/16/2011  |  69 Comments

Every few months somebody throws out a fiercely alarming article about how cry it out will permanently damage your child.... more

teaching baby to fall asleep

What You Need to Know About Sleeping Through the Night Part 2

12/15/2011  |  734 Comments

There are many big challenges with a newborn baby: figuring out the soothing thing, unbreakable swaddling, learning how to feed... more

Is Cry it Out the Answer?

Is Cry it Out the Answer?

12/13/2011  |  28 Comments

I get tons of baby sleep email, mostly because people don't like to air their dirty baby sleep laundry in... more

Young baby crying in bed

Too Young to Cry it Out?

11/29/2011  |  148 Comments

Lately I've been getting a lot of emails and comments asking about "cry it out" (CIO, the Ferber method, Ferberizing,... more