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Introducing the PLS Parenting Podcast! EP 1

podcast launch precious little sleep

We’re podcasting people!!! (*Drops Mic*)

(*Picks mic back up because it’s needed for podcasting*)

Welcome to the Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast! We’re podcasting because it’s 2016 and all the cool kids are doing it. And also because it’s not always easy to read when you’ve got your hands full with a baby or two. So now you can choose to read or listen, or both. Because podcasting content won’t entirely overlap with the blog.

What will we be podcasting about? Lots of fun stuff including:

  • Sleep
  • Parenting
  • Interviews with best-selling authors
  • Breaking down research
  • Anything else we find interesting and/or funny

You’ll notice I keep using the word we. No, this isn’t the royal we but an acknowledgement that the podcast is a collaborative effort. I’ve asked some of the most smart and funny women I know to join me. We represent a range of cultures, continents, religions, and parenting philosophies. Our goal is to share different approaches and experiences in a conversational way while also staying true to our roots and evidence-based philosophy. You can read up on the Parenting Podcast crew here.

Check Out the Inaugural Podcast

This is a fun first episode. You’ll learn about:

  • Who we are
  • A sneak peak into our unique adventures with kids and sleep
  • What topics will be covered in the coming months
  • Our individual parenting philosophies, in haiku format

Actually the haikus are my favorite. Because everything is better in haiku format. Like Elisabeth’s…

Oh I can’t wait for you to grow up
And then I think
No I’m not ready

Take a Listen!

Let us know what you think and leave us a comment below! If you have a specific question or issue you would like us to tackle in a future podcast episode, feel free to drop it in a comment or email us at [email protected]. Cheers and tally ho!