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3-6 Months

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Are you crushing the nap schedule or is the nap schedule crushing you? Do you have the right bedtime? Does your child get the sleep they need? Many (and I do mean many) parents are getting hung up on concerns about how their child is sleeping when really the problem is the gap between reality […]

realistic expectations for baby sleep
too young for sleep training
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I originally wrote this post in 2011. Suffice it to say my thinking on the subject has changed radically. I know more today than I did then. One thing I know is that the term cry it out is terrible, pejorative, and vague. But I’m leaving it here because people find this article Googling the […]

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There’s been a theme running through our podcasts and no it’s not my propensity to say “um” a lot. It’s that establishing independent sleep is crucial. Not easy, but essential. While there are many methods to foster independent sleep, this episode focuses on two: the swing method and Pick Up Put Down (aka PUPD). The […]

swing method and pick up put down
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This podcast is a continuation of the Baby Sleep Power Tools Part 1, focusing specifically on sleep schedules and wake times. Many parents will bemoan the fact that in giving birth, they’ve become full-time Nap Police, a job that is unpaid, unrewarding, and unwanted. Being the Nap Police is also enormously isolating: you can never […]

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The Journal of Pediatrics published a new study investigating the possible relationship between swaddling and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The study concludes, “These analyses indicate that the current advice to avoid placing infants on their front or side to sleep may especially apply to infants who are swaddled.” Is this news? Not really. Sleeping […]

swaddling and SIDS
is white noise too loud
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I make no secret of the fact that I love white noise because it’s immensely helpful in helping your children cry less and sleep better. It’s pretty much the only “no fail” baby sleep tool at your disposal. Seems simple enough: buy one of the many commercial baby white nose machines and turn it on. […]

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Just when you start feeling comfortable with your degree of nap mastery things will start getting away from you. (Sadly this basic concept sums up the entire parenting experience…) Naps that had just barely started to settle into a predictable schedule and duration will start getting shorter. Or nonexistent. Or require a huge battle. The […]

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Numerous sleep books as well as celebrity parenting gurus (Jessica Alba – who knew?) propose that your baby can and should be sleeping 12 hours at night. Which suggests if your baby isn’t sleeping 12 hours at night, you’re doing it wrong. Or possibly your baby is broken. Maybe both? This leads to a regular […]

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