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This episode of the Precious Little Sleep podcast brought to you by the Precious Little Sleep Audiobook. Regular listeners might have noticed there haven’t been any new episodes for a while and the reason is because I’ve been busy recording my own audiobook. Not on my own of course, because my home recording setup involves […]

listener mailbag
fantastic and diverse kids book
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Looking for awesome books to share with kids? Great! I’ve got some some great books for you! These aren’t just books my kids and I adore (although they definitely meet that criteria). They also feature diversity of race, gender, the differently abled, and sexuality. Let’s pause for a second and consider why that’s important. Children’s […]

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Most people use the 9 months of pregnancy as a time to learn how babies work (generally) and stock up on essential baby gear so they’ll be ready when said baby arrives. The fact that you will become a parent, and this is likely the largest, most abrupt, and often challenging transition you will ever […]

becoming a parent
not using CIO term
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I’ve been using the term CIO or Cry It Out for years. I’ve never liked it. It’s pejorative. “Oh…you’re one of those CIO parents. Whelp I’m not, because, y’know, I’m a good parent.” It’s largely meaningless. And in some parenting circles even the faintest mention risks getting you banned from the group. It also doesn’t […]

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Two years ago I launched the Precious Little Sleep Facebook Group on a whim. I would like to tell you I had a mindful strategy for it, but that would be a lie. As I frequently do I figured, “Sure why not!” and launched it. I expected a few hundred people to join and the […]

how to run a facebook group
toddler pacifier
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Let’s have some realtalk about pacifiers. Pacifiers will eventually cause sleep problems for most of you. But the benefits of using a paci are so significant, I encourage all parents of newborns to really try to get their baby to use one for sleep. Yes, even knowing that it will be an issue for many […]

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Parenting a toddler can make you yearn for the glorious newborn days where you could just carry your compliant child around with you like an adorable loaf of bread. So it’s no surprise that parents find themselves looking for techniques to help manage their toddler’s behavior because toddlers, by their very nature, are often unmanageable. […]

how to do toddler time out
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Sleep training is often spoken of in hushed tones, as though it’s a conversation that should only take place in back alleys. It’s the kind of thing that has gotten more than a few people kicked out of Facebook groups for even suggesting it (which is horrifying and something that would never happen in my […]

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